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Hot Tub Models

Marquis offers creative and innovative designs that provide you the ultimate soaking experience, less cost to operate, and also require the least amount of maintenance. All Marquis spas are designed with cutting-edge features for your supreme comfort and long-lasting enjoyment and come with a warranty to back it up. Marquis offers a superior combination of performance and value.


Crown Series

Born from the award-winning Signature Series, with the best therapy features from the innovative Vector21 Series, the Crown Collection is an entirely new system architecture. Plus, revolutionary new features like the patented Dynamic Flow Control valve, and Regal Hydrokinetic™ (RHK™) therapy jets.

gallery_668_file3_Vector21 Logo.jpg

Vector21 Series

Marquis® Vector21 hot tubs deliver a flow and force unlike any seen before in the galaxy of hot tubs: control and versatility unequaled in any other advanced system concept: individual command and control, yet perfectly designed for transporting a full vessel of hot tub experiences: a new vessel to transport body, mind and soul at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Behold, Vector21! Models range from the 4 person, 22 jet "V65L" to the 8 person, 41 jet "V94".


Elite Series

This edgy line has style and offers the Marquis systems technology at the most affordable value. Models range from the 2 person, 22 jet "Nashville" to the 7 person, 51 jet "Woodstock."

gallery_716_file1_Marquis_Woodstock Elit

Aquatic Training Vessel Swim Spas

A total of six swim spa models are available, including the hybrid V150 Swim Spa & Party Vessel with 8 seats! The ATV pumps in these models generate enough flow volume to challenge every level of swimmer, and remain adaptable to any type of aquatic workout regimen. Whether you want the most rigorous workout possible, or prefer to tone it down for a more relaxed workout, Aquatic Training Vessels™ offer the perfect solution.


MicroSilk is beneficial for skin health and beauty treatments, and has been described as “an oxygen facial for your entire body.” Moisturizing and hydrating at the same time making your skin feel luxuriously silky as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It may also help to relieve the symptoms of certain skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.


Create the environment of your choice all at once, or add to it gradually. Start with a matching sturdy step, not a flimsy plastic one, and add storage benches, cabinets, bars & more. 

Spa Care & Therapy

Keyhole Outdoor Living offers all the items you need to keep your spa pristine including; chemicals, aromatherapy & accessories to enhance your spa experience.


Model Options

Your Marquis Spa from Keyhole Outdoor Living will be delivered complete with:

  • Marquis' ConstantClean water management system,

  • LED Lighting System,

  • DuraCover Cover-lift,

  • Steps, & a 4 month Spa chemical kit.

  • Additionally, there are more upgrades you can choose!

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